$8.1 million stole in Uniwasp phishing attack

$8.1 million stole in Uniwasp phishing attack

Uniswap a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange has loss millions of dollars in a phishing attack.

On 13th July 2022, security vendor bleeping computer reported that a phishing attack on the Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) platform Uniwasp, has loss 7,500 ether (ETH) ($8.1 million).

The company said in a twitter post,

“A phisher airdropped malicious tokens to Uniswap LPs’ wallets. The name of the token directed users to a malicious interface that claimed the users could swap these tokens for UNI. This generated a setApprovalForAll transaction, which, if approved by the user in their wallet, gave the attacker the ability to redeem all of the user’s Uniswap v3 LP tokens for their full underlying value.”

Researchers urges users to avoid clicking links and protect  from phishing by checking domain names to verifying they are not malicious to avoid such attacks.


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May 21st, 2024

ISO 27002:2022

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