Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence solutions gather data from number of sources in the world and analyzed this data to produce threat intel feeds that can used to make decision. This information contains risk of zero-day attacks, APT (Advanced Persistent threats) and exploits and ways to be protected from them.

Why Threat Intelligence?

Day by day the cybersecurity industry faces countless challenges, threat actors aiming on vulnerabilities, shortage of skilled professionals and false alarms are some reasons. This has pervaded the path for cyber threats. Today Cyber threats have come to a point where it could bring any organization to its knees, this is a terrifying situation. Threat intelligent will help an organization in providing information about these threats, defense mechanisms and on how to mitigate the risks

Threat intelligences answer the questions like who is the attacker? What are their capabilities? What is their motivation? What IOC (Indicator of Compromise) should we investigated?

  • Enables security teams to make decisions
  • Better understanding on threat actors’ behavior
  • Empower stakeholder to mitigate risks and make wise decisions faster

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence is the processed and analyzed data that helps to understand the threat actor’s motives, target and attack behavior. This enables to make more informed and fast decisions in fighting against threat actors

Gartner describe threat intelligences as “evidence-based knowledge (context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and action-oriented advice) about existing or emerging menaces or hazards to assets.”

Our Service

Cyber Labs provides you with updates on cyber threats that are related to your organization. We ensure that all the details are needed to get a better understanding on the threats and remediation steps are provided to you. Our threat intelligence services cover,

  • How threat actors behave
  • Where you are vulnerable to an attack
  • Steps to prevent attack or infection
  • Indicators of Compromise

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