Why Incident Response support ?

When responding to cyber incident the organization must respond in a quick and effective manner with the aim of protecting the operations, privacy, and reputation.  In instance the security incident cannot be solved with in your organization a third-party support is needed.

Getting a Third-party support in solving the issue will help you in,

  • Maintaining business Continuity.
  • Remain in compliance.
  • Expert knowledge in the security incident
  • Increase customer trust.

What is Incident Response support?

Incident management is a process that is used to follow in investigating and responding to potential incidents. Responding to a security incident should be done efficiently and effectively without hindering the business operations. Usually, a security incident happens due a failure of the security measurement put in place or due to not having a measurement in place or else due to the following,

Unauthorized access or an attempt

Unauthorized Changes

User Account Compromised

Theft or loss of data storing equipment.

Data breaches

Insider Threat

If an incident management process is in place the damage cause by the security incident can be reduced and be recovered quickly as possible.

Incident Response support services provided by Cyber Labs.

CyberLabs act as the Third-Line Support in Incident Response. Our team will conduct a deep investigation on the cyber-attack and response immediately to mitigate the impact. We will be collaborating with your in – house team and negotiating with adversaries in finding the root cause, resolving, and closing the incident. We will provide a detailed report on the incident along with the learning point.


Our Incident Response approach is developed based on ISO 27001, ISO 27035 and NIST standards and industry best practices to scale with your industry and the size of the operation by including,

  1. Preparation
  2. Detection and analysis
  3. Containment, Eradication and Recovery
  4. Post- Incident review stages