Why Code Review ?

A small hidden design flaw, vulnerabilities or a bug in the code could result in a back door for a hacker. As humans writing code for application there is a possibility of mistakes been made and secure coding guidelines not followed. Hence getting the code review before systems go live and before major changes put live is essential.

What is Code Review

Code reviews means exactly what its name suggest reviewing the code base of a software. Code reviews helps to improve the quality of the Source Code and ensure that there is no way an attacker can get into the system through the weaknesses in the code written.

The whole source code is reviewed by clearing out garbage, suggesting solutions or corrective actions for the mistakes and issues found.

Code Review Services Provide by CyberLabs

Our experts evaluate the entire code layout of the applications including areas that would not be analyzed in an application security test and discovers hidden vulnerabilities, security issues, design flaws, bugs through a combination of automated and manual means and verifies if key security controls are implemented.