Why Configuration Review?

Any significant mistakes in key IT infrastructure component Configuration can cause a significant damage to your ICT infrastructure and the reputation of the organization.  Sometimes due to human mistakes and negligence certain configuration issues may occur in an organization.

Network and security products need expertise help in configuring and review them periodically and, performing periodic configuration reviews gives many benefits including,

Optimize the use of new features and functionalities to bring ROI.

Detect misconfiguration and support on rectifying.

Maintain regulatory compliance.

What is Configuration Review?

Configuration management plays a major role in the IT infrastructure through cconfiguration and change management processes to identifying, controlling, recording, tracking, reporting and verifying configuration changes and maintaining the integrity systems and its functions afterword.

Configuration Review on the other hand means checking on these configurations to check whether its optimal usage is taken and checking on if any misconfigurations are there.

Most of the common systems should undergo configuration reviews including,

  • Network Devices
  • Firewall
  • Web servers
  • Database servers
  • Operating Systems
  • Internal Systems
  • Wireless Networks

Configuration Review services provided by Cyber Labs.

Our configuration review services will ensure your secure configurations are in line with security best practices and standards. We help you with reviewing your network architecture, device configurations, rule sets for most security optimal settings. We identify your configurations by deep driving to it and provide with a report of vulnerability that are found and actions or recommendations that should be taken.


Our Configuration Reviews will cover the following areas,

  • Password policy
  • Network ports
  • Data storage
  • Security Systems
  • Logging configurations and Auditing Policies
  • Security hardening
  • Cryptographic configurations
  • Access controls
  • Other product – Specific configuration options

We will follow a step-by-step approach on conducting configuration reviews,

  1. Identifying – The IT infrastructure of the organization will be identified. Current configuration in the system will be understood.
  2. Reviewing – The configuration setting will be checked against the key areas and others. The weakness will be identified and rated.
  3. Reporting – the issues and the recommendation will be reported.