Why Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessment helps the organization to get a better understanding of the security weakness on its digital environment.

Regular Vulnerability assessments provides many benefits including,

  • Patching up the security exposures before attacks find them.
  • Getting a better understanding of the cyber security posture of the organization.
  • Identifying the Risks and optimize security investments and resources.

The industry best practice is to regularly conduct Vulnerability assessments and to be always updated on the current security vulnerabilities. The expect results from a Vulnerability Assessment is to identify the vulnerabilities and prioritize on the findings that should be address based on the criticality and the probable impacts.

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What is Vulnerability Assessment?

A Vulnerability is defined as a weakness found in an information system, Procedure, or technology stacks and implementation of controls that would result in an exploitation by a threat source.

Vulnerability assessment is a process that provides a holistic view by identifying the security risk that a visible in the infrastructure. It is usually a scan that is conducted using automated tools and manual methods.

There are different types of Vulnerability Assessment are performed to understand the threat landscape of an organization including,

  • Host based assessments.
  • Application assessments
  • Network based assessments.
  • Database assessments
  • Wireless assessments

Our Approach is on Risk Based Vulnerability. Risk Based Vulnerability management is a strategy where organization can prioritize the remedy for vulnerabilities based on the risk presented by considering the criticality of assets. They focus on the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited on critical systems and take action to patch the system based on informed decisions.

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Vulnerability Assessment Services Provide by CyberLabs

Do you want to identify vulnerabilities exist in your network, server, and system infrastructure by an industry expert in the market?

We help to identify, classify, and remediate vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure and effectively manage the cyber risk.

Our experienced team will provide a view of the threats and vulnerabilities in your organization network, enabling you the ability to protect your systems and data from malicious attacks.

We follow a step-by-step process to assess your vulnerabilities through a risk-based vulnerability management methodology.

  • Foot printing – Identifying the scope of the assessment.
  • Vulnerability Verification – Prioritizing the test objectives and focusing on the key risk areas.
  • Automated Testing – Utilizing different security tools in performing deep scans.
  • Manual Testing – Performing Manual testing in order to verify the vulnerabilities identified through automated scanning processes and remove false positives.
  • Demonstrate Impact and Remediation support – Providing with an executive summary report and detailed report with technical details including any remedial actions.