Why Red Team?

Organizations does not get the big picture on how a cyberattack can happen and how to react. While organizations that have controls implemented does not know for sure whether they are secure. That is when red team come into action, red teams stimulate attack on the organization and help in measure how well the People, process and technology withstand and act on a real-life attack situation.

After a red teaming exercise, the outcomes will help the organization gets a better understanding the gaps in organizations security controls and processes, the areas that should be improved, remedies and guidance for fixing issues.

What is Red Team?

Red Team is a real-world attack simulation on your organization designed to test the effectiveness of your organizations from being Hacked by cyber criminals.

Red Teaming exercises will help to test the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls and enhance the readiness for cyber-attacks.

The most common question is on how does a red teamwork? Based on the customers requirement or the goal the red team focus on one aspect of security and try to achieve the scope. For an instance, the goal can be achieved by developing complex scenario and different attacks combining,

Social Engineering – Sending phishing emails to employees in the organization and trying to get into the system.

Physical Facility Exploitation – Engaging in tailgating or card cloning and gaining access to a secure facility.

Network service Exploitation – Exploiting vulnerabilities on misconfigurations or unpatched network services and attacking them to gain access.

Application Exploitation – Targeting web applications in the organizations and trying to gain access by exploiting web application vulnerabilities.

Data Extortion – Moving organizations sensitive data dumps without being detected by network level controls and covering traces.

Red Team services provided by Cyber Labs.

Our Red Team aims to improve your organization’s assets and personnel’s readiness through a realistic security incident drill that can target your organization’s cyber, physical, and human information security elements.

We have a set of tailor-made test cases that can be used in your organization based on your goal and requirement. By choosing our CyberLabs experts for your Red Team engagements, you can ensure that your organization’s security architecture and incident response teams will be tested and improved by a team of highly skilled professionals who has international experience with diversified clients.

Our Methodology on Red Team

  1. Reconnaissance – Setting the goal and /Gaining information on the target.
  2. Exploiting – Performing more aggressive information gathering, planning the attack, and launching attacks.
  3. Internal Compromise – Getting to the target and achieving the target.
  4. Report and analysis – The red team exercise is completed. Providing with a management level and technical level reports.