Why Mobile Application Security Assessment ?

Organizations now show more interested on digitalization they develop this their business strategies so on to use more of digital technology.

Mobile applications are such business strategy organizations use for expanding their market reach. They develop mobile application to meet the end user’s requirement and to get more closer to them. As they are more focused on the larger potential of the business strategy, they forget the big picture of security testing the mobile applications.

With this faster go to market strategies and publishing the application as soon as possible Increases the risk of mobile application compromises if applications are not adequately tested before going live and consistently reviewed.

What is Mobile Application Security Assessment?

Mobile Applications are becoming an essential component to the businesses to connect with their end user’s. Mobile Application Security Assessment on the other hand is the key requirement that a business need if they want to keep this connection with the end users secure.

Mobile Application Security Assessment is a security testing that is done to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities found in mobile application and to implement security measures to protect the data.

Mobile Application Security services provided by Cyber Labs.

We perform a detailed assessment of Mobile applications and their supporting infrastructure. The assessment is performed focusing on OWASP Mobile Top vulnerabilities and other industry best practices by covering,

  • Improper Platform Usage
  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Insecure Communication
  • Insecure Authentication
  • Insufficient Cryptography
  • Insecure Authorization
  • Client Code Quality
  • Code Tampering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Extraneous Functionality

We will provide you with an executive summary report and detailed report with technical details including any remedial actions. Our report will comprise of adequate evidence observed in order to give you an understanding about the adverse impact that any vulnerability would create. In addition, in the report our observations will be categorized by risk in a detailed observations matrix for the technician level.

We will use our knowledge of industry leading security practices to provide appropriate recommendations and support to address any vulnerabilities that we might find. Further, we will identify the root causes of weaknesses and recommend any changes would be applicable to stop any re-occurrence of the issue.