Why Social Engineering Assessment?

In any security strategy humans are the weakest link. They are unpredictable and act in varies way depending on the instance. Hackers uses these social engineering techniques to gain access to the system.

By clicking a wrong link or letting the wrong person in they could compromised your entire network. Employees in organization have become their main targets as an employee with less cyber security knowledge is considered as liable.

As social engineering remains as the most common tactic used investing in the first line of defense has become an essential.

What is Social Engineering Assessment?

Social Engineering is a psychological manipulation that is used on humans to trick them to give away sensitive information including credentials, personnel, organizational sensitive data or create an entry point to the organizations ICT infrastructure Social Engineering Assessment are conducted to test whether people by mistake help an intruder compromised the network.  This will give an opportunity to understand the key weakness that are associate with users of information security. And will enable to create remediation plan to mitigate the risks associate.

Social Engineering Assessment Services Provide by CyberLabs

Our social engineering assessments are consisting of different types test cases by focusing on the psychological aspects in a human mind namely urgency, greed, fear, curiosity, and helpfulness. After every successful social engineering attack, we will be providing the management with a report on the list of vulnerable employees, employee who report it and employees who are aware on social engineering attack simulations.

You can choose any type of social engineering assessment from these various test cases. We will be providing with tailor made social engineering assessment according to your need.

We conduct various types of campaigns,

Phishing attack simulations

Pretexting attack simulations

Vishing attack simulations

We help building strategies on employee cybersecurity awareness and test their knowledge of internal security policies through social engineering assessments. All our Social Engineering Assessments are being conducted in a controlled environment and have been showing an improvement in the security awareness among employees.