GDPR Compliance Programs

European Union Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) focuses on protection personal data and privacy of EU citizens. This focuses on wide array of procedural and technical controls to be implemented. Non-Compliance of the controls leading to breach of data could result in hefty fines.

What is personal data?

Following data sets are considered personally identifiable data (PII)

  • Basic identity information such as name, address and ID numbers.
  • Web data such as location, IP address, cookie data and RFID tags.
  • Health and genetic data
  • Biometric data
  • Racial or ethnic data
  • Political opinions

Is GDPR Applicable to my organization?

It is applicable for you if any of the following conditions are true for our business.

  • Do you have presence in an EU country?
  • Do you processes personal data of European residents?
  • Do you employ more than 250 employees who are EU citizens?
  • Do you employ Fewer than 250 employees but its data-processing impacts the rights and freedoms of data subjects, is not occasional, or includes certain types of sensitive personal data?

How CyberLabs work with you to comply with GDPR?

We provide GDPR assessment and data privacy consulting services to help your organization achieve required state of compliance towards the GDPR. Also, Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) services to your organization with data privacy advisory and GDPR consultancy services.

Some of our related services:

  • EU GDPR compliance assessment
  • EU GDPR control implementation Assistance
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)