800,000 Malaysian Voters Compromised

800,000 Malaysian Voters Compromised

The news organization New Straits Times announced on November 11, 2022, that there had allegedly been a data breach involving 800,000 Malaysian voters’ personal data.

“Another data breach has allegedly occurred in Malaysia, this time involving the personal details of 800,000 voters.

The 67gb data breach is supposedly from the Election Commission database which is now up for “sale” on an online marketplace for a mere US$2,000” reported Kalbana Perimbanayagam and Dania Nabila from New Straits Times.

The Election Commission database may have been compromised by threat actors, the report claims. A well-known database marketplace is offering a 67GB database for $2,000 in exchange for payments made in bitcoin or monero digital currency. Full names, ID numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, addresses, photographs, and voting locations are among the allegedly compromised personal data.

The article also referred to the suspected data theft that included details on 22.5 million Malaysians born between 1940 and 2004. After learning about the suspected compromise, CyberSecurity Malaysia has launched a thorough investigation.



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May 21st, 2024

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