ChatGPT is Back in Italy after ban

ChatGPT is Back in Italy after ban

Following the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements, OpenAI announced that access to its chatbot service ChatGPT is once again permitted in Italy. Due to the improper gathering of personal information and the lack of procedures for determining a child’s age, the Italian Data Protection Authority temporarily prohibited ChatGPT. The Authority drew attention to the fact that OpenAI fails to inform users that it is gathering their data.

The privacy watchdog at the time stated that there is no legal justification for the extensive collecting and processing of personal data in order to “train” the platform’s algorithms. After testing the service, the Authority came to the conclusion that because the information it offers does not always correspond to actual events, erroneous personal data are processed.

Despite the fact that ChatGPT is intended for users over the age of 13, the Authority asserts that it exposes children to responses that are inappropriate for their age. The prohibition on the chatbot was removed since OpenAI met the requirements of the Italian data protection authority by the deadline of April 30.


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