Cyberattack in Iran temporarily disrupts gas stations

Cyberattack in Iran temporarily disrupts gas stations


On 26th Oct 2021, National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) gas stations was reported stopped working due to a cyberattack that affected the entire distribution network.

“A software glitch believed to have been caused by a cyberattack has disrupted gas stations across Iran and defaced gas pump screens and gas price billboards. The incident, which took place earlier this morning, impacted the IT network of NIOPDC, a state-owned gas distribution company that manages more than 3,500 gas stations across Iran.” Reported Catalin Cimpanu from the Record Media


Local News media Iran International English state that a photo is circulating showing one station with a message on a small monitor saying, “cyber-attack 64411.” where 64411 is the phone number for the Office of Iran’s Supreme Leader.





Some of the billboard in major cities also had the message “cyberattack 64411” message, along with “Khamenei where is the gas?” and “Free gas at [local gas station’s name].”

The cyber attack which happened on July 6 linked to a piece of data-wiping malware called Meteor. The billboard on Iranian train stations shows the number 64411 asking travelers to call and ask the Iran leaders on this matter.

According to Jahan News Spokesperson for Ministry of Oil spokesperson has made an official statement released on 26th Oct afternoon and blaming the incident on a software glitch. And reported that the fuel operation has resume back to normal.



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