Twitter database leaks with 235 Million records

Twitter database leaks with 235 Million records

On a well-known hacker site, a data dump containing the email addresses of 235 million Twitter users was made public. Numerous specialists promptly examined it and determined that many of the entries in the sizable leaked library were legitimate.

A threat actor gained information on 5.4 million Twitter accounts at the end of July by abusing a now-patched vulnerability in the well-known social media network.

These data sets were produced in 2021 by taking use of a flaw in the Twitter API that let users enter email addresses and phone numbers to check whether they were linked to a Twitter ID.

The threat actors then merged this public data with private email addresses and phone numbers to develop profiles of Twitter users by using another API to scrape the public Twitter data for the ID.

Despite the fact that Twitter patched this vulnerability in January 2022, a number of threat actors have recently started to distribute the data sets they obtained over a year ago for free.



Even though  this data leak just includes email addresses, threat actors may exploit it to launch phishing attacks on accounts, particularly verified ones.

Additionally, this disclosure raises serious privacy concerns, particularly for anonymous Twitter users. It might be feasible to identify anonymous Twitter users using this leak and reveal their real identities.

The aim of targeted phishing scams is to steal your passwords or other sensitive information, so all Twitter users should be on the watch for these.

Large followings from verified accounts are highly prized because they are frequently utilized in internet scams to steal cryptocurrency.


Data of 235 million Twitter users leaked online


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