Twitter takes down leaked source code

Twitter takes down leaked source code

Apparently, the source code for Twitter was posted online. According to the lawsuit, the business took action on Friday to get the compromised code removed by sending a copyright infringement notification to GitHub, an online community for software professionals where the code was posted.

That day, GitHub obliged and removed the code. The length of time the leaked code had been accessible online was unknown, but it seemed to have been open for at least several months.

According to the filing, Twitter also asked the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to require GitHub to provide the identity of the person who shared the code and any others who downloaded it.

According to two people briefed on the internal investigation, executives handling the case have concluded that whoever was in charge of the leak left the San Francisco-based company last year. About 75% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees have been let go or quit after Mr. Musk paid $44 billion to acquire the firm in October.

According to those who were informed on the internal inquiry, the executives were only recently made aware of the source code breach. One issue is that the programming has security flaws that could allow hackers or other determined individuals to steal user data or bring the website to an end, they claimed.


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