CyberLabs Implemented an Information Security Management System 100% Remotely in Australia

CyberLabs Implemented an Information Security Management System 100% Remotely in Australia

CyberLabs, the renowned cybersecurity solution provider, who is a member of SLASSCOM, successfully completed an information security assurance system implementation project for Australia’s one of largest community service organizations funded and suppoerted by the government of Australia. The implementation was done100% remotely, which make the project challenging and unique.

Project Background

The Australian organization wanted the solution to comply with the Right Fit for Risk (RFFR) initiative based on 1SO 27001:2013 standards and Australian government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) requirements, data protection regulations and other cyber security requirements. The company developed the solution during the Covid- 19 pandemic in 2020 Thus it was challenging for the team to visit the site physically as they wanted due to the travel restrictions. However, the experienced cybersecurity experts at CyberLabs were able to handle the challenge remarkably, being one of the first Sri Lankan cybersecurity companies to successfully finish a remote implementation of such a large-scale project with a high level of complexities.

CyberLabs was selected to hand over the project after undergoing a through selection process after reviewing our previous projects and references. The solution was requested to ensure the safety of the Australian government-owned data of the organization held on IT systems dedicated to the selected program which includes personal records of participants and other related information of the organization. The program aids disadvantaged young Australians to find sustainable working opportunities collaborating with and coordinating with the business sector, government and local communities.

Work Scope

Meeting the data protection standards imposed by the government effectively was the client’s main concern as it’s a basic requirement that the organization has to fulfil in order to receive funding from the government for the project. Thus, the solution CyberLabs developed and implemented for the organization focused on two main areas information assurance and information security of the organization related to the selected program.Understanding the client’s requirement and expectations for the project, the solution was tailored to the specific guideline provided by the client in order to comply with the government regulations and ISO standards.

Although it was challenging to work in 2different time zones, 100% remotely CyberLabs team was able to deliver a smooth and fast solution to meet the high expectations and the required standards of the client exceeding their expectations. Company’s years of experience and expertise working across regions and borders, tackling many complex projects for their client enabled them to take on this challenge confidently and meet the client’s expectations successfully.


Being a company that has proven track records on implementing assurance frameworks in many countries across the world, CyberLabs ensures their client a fast and effective solution leveraging the latest technology and cybersecurity practices.


Cyber Labs is an innovative cybersecurity solution provider that helps organizations face challenges in cybersecurity in order to minimize risks of cyber threats securing their business end-to-end. Offering a range of services including assurance frameworks, internal audits/ VA/PT, Virtual CISO, GDPR assessment and data privacy IT Risk and Compliance Audit, Security Governance and Compliance Support and Data Privacy, Assessment and Management and more, the company provide holistic solutions are catered to cover up every cybersecurity requirement of organizations. The company has extensive experience working across many industries, including fintech, insurance, healthcare, technology, construction, e-commerce and community service/NGO. In the years to come CyberLabs planning to expand its services and serve more and more organizations with cybersecurity with their cutting-edge solutions striving for excellence.

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May 21st, 2024

ISO 27002:2022

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