Password stealing malware for Sale

Password stealing malware for Sale

A new malware named BlackGuard is now available on Hacker forums!

Now available for sale on numerous darknet sites, and hacker forums this malware is winning the attention of many ‘wannabe cybercriminals’ and threat actors. BlackGuard is an information stealing malware now sold for lifetime price of $700 and includes a subscription of $200 for a month. Threat actors can snatch private information from a number of applications, store everything in a ZIP archive and send it to the C2 of the malware-as-a-service (MaaS) operation.

After which, these actors who purchased the subscription would have access to the BlackGuard web panel to redeem the stolen data either to exploit them or sell them to other hackers. The malware was found and analyzed by researchers at Zscaler, after noticing the rapid spike in the popularity of the malware and after the abrupt shutdown of Raccoon Stealer. It was said that BlackGuard first appeared on Russian-speaking forums in January this year. Although it is an information stealing malware, their focus is heavy of cryptocurrency assets.

To avoid getting caught to such threats and problems, the first step would be to not visit shady, hoax websites and not download files from untrustworthy or dubious sources. Additionally for extra protection it is always good to use two-factor authentication to keep your OS and applications protected and up to date. Finally one thing that anyone would have heard many times before, to use strong unique passwords for all your online accounts.


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May 21st, 2024

ISO 27002:2022

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